Joining The Global Leaders

Stride organics Pvt Ltd., enlarges its services with an idea to expand its network globally by getting introduced and sustain the ongoing dealings with the global pharmaceutical companies. We aim at getting identified as one of the leading manufacturers across the world

Our Services

We uphold authentic relations and offer valuable, robust and accessible services to our clients which meet their requirements. Following are the services we provide to our domestic and international clients.


We are one of the leading and approved companies in State Government Rate Contract & markets. We manufacture, pack and distribute the products district wise in Andrapradesh, Telangana and Tamilnadu and meet their manufacturing requirements.

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Sales and Marketing

With a thought of making our products available internationally and reach every customer, we have expanded our formulations and started progressing as a worldwide sales, distribution and marketing company.

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Contract Manufacturing

Aiming to increase our network and offer our service to foreign manufactures, Apart from manufacturing, sales and marketing, we have chosen contract-manufacturing to make a commitment and work collaboratively with our foreign clients

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Our Products

Stride organics Pvt Ltd. generates wide range of products that comprises of Antibiotics, Antifungals, NSAIDs, Gastrointestinal, Anthelmintics, Bio Adhesives and several other products in tablets, capsules, syrups and suspension modes.


We firstly put the concept of safety and cleanliness in our minds while taking up the normal and dispersible tablets formulation. The tablets are accordingly manufactured in a clean environment for people of all age. We put our strategies in practice towards the cure and not for the cause.

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We examine the quality and dosage of the product formula and proceed with the making of capsules. We highly concentrate on the size part of each product and take perspective measures from the differentiation and make them reliable. Our all products costs are affordable.

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The liquids category contains syrups and suspensions which are sustainable for everyone especially for kids. Various flavors are added while the preparations of liquids for good taste and avoid the bitter sense of taste of the medicine by kids and helps in health improvement.

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Our Organization

Stride Organics Pvt. Ltd. Is one the most growing pharmaceutical company, Established in January in 2005, with a well-developed infrastructure. However, it actively started working as a fully integrated pharmaceutical company in the year 2009

We have latest technology and a team of well qualified and experienced professionals focusing on bringing the safe and efficacious products. Along with the solid foundation and sustainable development, .

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